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Hospital supplies

Naloxone Hydrochloride 0.40 mg / ml

Each ml of NALOXONA DENVER FARMA 0.40 mg / ml contains: Naloxone Hydrochloride 0.40 mg. Excipients q.s.
Therapeutic Action
NALOXONE is an essentially pure narcotic antagonist, that is, it does not possess the agonist properties similar to morphine, characteristic of other narcotic antagonists. NALOXONE does not produce respiratory depression, psychotomimetic effects or pupillary constriction. Due to the absence of the agonist effects of other antagonists, in the absence of narcotics it does not exhibit any pharmacological activity.
In the presence of physical dependence on narcotics, NALOXONE will produce withdrawal symptoms.
It has not been shown to produce tolerance or cause physical or psychological dependence.
NALOXONE is indicated for the partial or complete reversal of narcotic depressions, for opioid-induced respiratory depression, including natural and synthetic narcotics, propoxyphene and the narcotic antagonist analgesic pentazocine. NALOXONE is also indicated for diagnosis in cases of suspected acute opiate overdose.
Packages containing 25 ampoules x 1 ml.


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