Each coated tablet contains: Metformin Hydrochloride 850 mg; 1000 mg. Excipients q.s.
Therapeutic Action
Oral antihyperglycemic agent.
Glucogood® is indicated as monotherapy for the normalization of glycemia in type 2 diabetes together with an adequate food plan when it is not enough to normalize it. Glucogood® can be used concomitantly with sulfonylureas, glitazones, or with insulin to improve glycemic control. When starting treatment of type 2 diabetes, the diet should be emphasized as a primary therapeutic measure. Caloric restriction and weight loss are essential in the obese diabetic patient. Food control can only be sufficient to control blood glucose levels and symptoms of hyperglycemia. The loss of glycemic control in patients managed with diet may be transient, in these cases adjusting the plasma glucose concentration with a short-term pharmacological treatment. The importance of adequate physical activity is a major element in the treatment, and cardiovascular risk factors must be identified and the necessary correction measures taken. If this treatment program is insufficient to normalize glycemic levels and reduce symptoms, the use of Glucogood® alone or in combination with a sulphonyl urea or glitazone should be considered. If, after a treatment trial, adequate control has not been achieved, the use of insulin should be considered. The final determination should be based on clinical and biochemical evaluations.
Glucogood® 850 mg package containing 30 and 60 coated tablets.
Glucogood® 1000 mg package containing 60 coated tablets.