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Our history

Denver Farma S.A. is a pharmaceutical company with more than 28 years in the market. We are constantly investing in last generation equipment which enables us to be highly competitive and guarantee worldclass quality in all products.

A wide range of pharmaceutical forms and therapeutic lines composes our product portfolio. Our 10.000-m2 productive plant elaborates tablets, capsules, powders, creams, gels, ointments, dressings, aerosol sprays, eye drops, injectables and blister vials, among others. In addition, in 2017 Denver Farma became the only company is South America to produce DNA recombinant human insulin.

Thanks to our recognized quality standards, we have been able to export to various countries of the region like Paraguay, Peru, Bolivia, Uruguay, Ecuador, Chile and Guatemala; and some outside the region like Lebanon, Egypt, Belarus and Azerbaijan.

Our commitment is to provide society

with worldclass quality products at affordable prices.

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